02 January 2009

people of the gym

Today as I was stretching after a work out, I started looking at the other people who were there. Usually, Im all about minding my own buisness, get in get out kinda thing. But today I had some extra time. As I looked around, I realized I had seen most of these people before. I think there is one in every gym... Maybe you've seen them too.

the scrawny iron pumper- possibly my favorite. Hes been scrawny his whole life and his new years resolution will be to get pumped up. His weights are way to heavy and he is literally using every muscle in his body to get those bicep curls done.

the buff lady- She puts the scrawny iron pumper to shame, has muscles more defined than most boys, oh and is usually in her 60's.

the small man syndrome- muscles like Arnold, but in a 5' 3" size. He's got a bite to him too, kind of like a those little dogs...

elliptical extraordinaire- This is the gal who is in the zone, rockin the tunes, at speeds where her legs are soon to take off on their own and leave the rest of her body there. She is typically also reading a magazine at the same time, and when you check out her "stats", she is around 45 minutes and still has a half hour to go.

pants-to-tight buddy- The guy who still thinks its ok to wear the spandex. A guy with spandex. Its not ok buddy!

all wrong abs- The girl in the corner doing her ab workouts all wrong. Instead of isolating just the abs, she uses her whole body to get off thew floor in some peculiar position she once saw on a Cindy Crawford work out video.

the sweater- the one who looks like he just got out of the shower with all his clothes on because he is that drenched.

Mr. Suave- little does he know that no matter how many times he orders a Peach-Passion smoothie with extra whey protein, she is just not that interested. She has to be nice to everyone, so put that cut-off-sleeves shirt back in your drawer.

Sound familiar?