31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

This has been the best Halloween ever. It is so fun to do halloween with kids. And it is even more fun once they get whats going on! We have been to 2 trunk or treats, a costume party and then trick or treating tonight, and he has gotten the hang of it.

30 October 2011

[PC] Day 19 and pumpkin patch

Something Orange

How appropriate! Im just going to tie this one into our pumpkin picking adventure.We took Justins mom with us to pick out our pumpkins this year. We like to go to a local home that has a big field of pumpkins to choose from. This year we went a bit to late, so they were all cut and pulled to the side of the road. But it was a gorgeous 75 degree day (which is rare!!).

Summer Recap- September 24th

We went for a last beautiful day at the coast. We knew this would be one of our last warm days of the year, so we went to Ecola state park. It was a bit chilly, but gorgeous! We even walked over to check out the tide pools.

Summer Recap- Raspberry picking

We met up with our friends and went to our first ever raspberry picking experience. I cant believe we had never gone in all our years living here. Its so cheap. We had so much to eat, make into freezer jam and cobblers for weeks. Delicious. We will definitely be doing this again next year, maybe more than once!

29 October 2011

Summer Recap- Seattle

Still working on th recap. This is from August.

My dad, little boys and I went to Seattle for literally 38 hours. It was a fast fun trip. We started off by going to the Seattle Mariners game. The boys both did great, and Rhys caught a foul ball while sitting on my dads lap. He was a little scarred when all the people were looking at him and cheering. It was a blast.

The next morning we walked to Pikes place from our hotel. Very cool. I had never been so we headed to the flying fish counter. We also sampled the Cheese factory and get some fresh peaches.
Then we headed to the Space Needle to get some great views of the city.
Then we headed to the new Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation facilities for a private tour. Its very gorgeous. That night we went to my second cousins birthday party at my great uncles house. Its always so great to get together with family.

28 October 2011

13 things update

So I have felt a little guilty having 13 unfinished things on my self, so I got busy. And I added a few other things to the list.

Picnic caddies

Halloween wreath

Guest room headboard and pillows

Covered the pillow for the boys room

I put a bird on it.
And I made the boys costumes fir Halloween. This was a huge pain, but maybe if I hadn't started the day before they need to be done, it would have been a little less stressful. But I think they look great.

This is how it started.

To this.

Ah. Feels great.

11 October 2011

[PC] Day 17


Since the second I saw this was one of the challenges, all I could think about is Napoleon Dynamite... "Yes I love technology, but not as much as you you see....."

Anyways. Here's what I love. My computer. And pinterest. And this owl. Hopefully I can pull it off in time for Halloween for the little boys.

[PC] Day 16

Long Exposure

10 October 2011

[PC] Day 15


I swear I have not given up. I am slowly but surely finishing this challenge. Emphasis on slowly. This picture was taken on our ferry ride to the San Juan Islands up above Seattle this past weekend. Its Beautiful up there and this is in my top 3 prettiest sunsets ever. More on that later.


THIS is what happens when you blog late at night. Ok, it was only 9:30, but I was in bed asleep by 9:45. Anyways, I posted the wrong picture. In my effort to go to bed faster, I did not pay attention to what I was posting.... Um, yea. Heres what I had intended to put up.

01 October 2011