30 March 2010

family pics 2009

These were taken back in December.

i love my family

26 March 2010

5 years


Five years ago today, I made the best decision of my life and married my best friend. Im happy to say, that after all this time, I am still crazy about you babe. You are my rock, my better half, and you make me want to be so much better. I love you more now than ever. I can not begin to thank you enough for giving me the best little boy in the world. Looking at him everyday makes me love you more, because without you, he would not be mine. Im so proud of you and your accomplishments. Your drive to provide for our family puts me at ease and allows me to simply enjoy everyday we are given. I could not be happier, and I look forward to all the years we have ahead of us.... cause you, my love, are going to grow old and happy with me.

Happy anniversary!

25 March 2010

vegas unloaded

What a trip! I got to spend lots of time with my family, and go on a road trip with Sheri and her baby girl Miley to meet up with my dad and his girlfriend in Vegas! It was a blast!! Rhys and Miley are only one month apart and already good buddies. It was so amazing to see the differences between girls and boys!!! From the way they talk to the things they want to play with, it was so fun to see.
we had an awesome suite in the Venetian?? so rad!! The first night we had he kids sleep next to each other thinking it would be soo cute. We quickly learned how they would wake each other up. So the next night, Rhys slept in the bathroom.

enjoying the view

The next day, we walked around the canal shoppes, went to the dentist, got some cafe rio, and headed back to go to the pool. It was a gorgeous day! The best part, however, was my dad and Lisa watched the kids that night so Sheri and I could go to jersey boys. Awesome! So nice to get out without the kids!

The next day we went to the pool for several hours before going to another mall and eventually driving home at 8 so the kids could sleep the whole ride home. It was so much fun to just lay in the sun and order pina coladas. Relaxing at its best!

he is such a snuggle bug!

after an in-n-out dinner, we headed home!

the only bad thing.... I spent sunday in bed with the flu which made us miss our flight and rhys came home with a bad cold.

24 March 2010

the gym

Oh the gym. I do love thee. Full of all sorts of people coming together for one reason, health. Sure, the motives may all be different, but they are all relatively the same. But it wasnt until recently that I really started to look around at the others that also love the gym. Im usually an in-n-out kind of gal. I tend to avoid eye contact, small talk and walk briskly from one activity to the next, because I only get 2 hours of free babysitting, and I intend not to waste it being chatty. This particular day though, my pilates class was canceled, so I had some extra time to look around and see who else was there. I realized though that I have seen most of these people before, and maybe you have seen them too...

ms. universe '82- Thats right, as in 1982. But this grandma has still got it!

the scrawny iron pumper-He has probably been insecure most of his life about his muscle size so he has decided to pick up the biggest weights he can find and use every muscle in his body to get that curl done.

the lady killer- at least thats what he thinks. Always scoping out the female attendee's thinking he can make their day with a flash of his biceps through his cut off shirt

the eliptical exrtaordinaire- She is going a million miles a minute, literally. Her legs look like they have gone into warp speed, and as you glance at her "stats" you'll see somewhere around the 45 minute mark, without even breaking a sweat.

the sweat machine- this guy looks like he just got out of the shower in preparation for his workout. (unfortunately, this is often my Justin)

the bull dog- this guy looks like Arnold in Terminator, but in a 5'4" body, with the bite to prove it.

the spandex guy- I just feel like slapping him out of the 80's and letting him know Spandex is not ok, ever.

peach splash- no matter how many times you order the peach mango splash smoothie with extra whey powder from the juice bar, the cute girl behind the counter is just doing her job in being nice to the members...really, shes just not that into you!

Sound familiar??

15 March 2010

getting good.

This weekends plans just got a whole lot more interesting! I was planning to go home to CA to for a day, then drive to Vegas for another day, and fly home. Crazy, I know. Now let me explain (not that it will get rid of any of the craziness, it may in fact just add to it).

So since being pregnant, I have not been to the dentist. I'm not one of those people who avoids the dentist like the plague, I in fact really enjoy the feeling of fresh clean teeth. And in all honesty, I dont mind getting a cavity filled is (not that Im hoping for one)....anyways. Growing up, one of my dads best friends lives in Vegas, and just so happens to be a dentist. We always went to him for everything we have needed (cavities, wisdom teeth, crowns, ect.) and made a weekend out of going to shows and shopping. This may just be where my love for Vegas began.

Thats right, I love Vegas. I love all the bright lights, the million exhibits, good food, warm sunshine, intricate pools, entertaining shows and walking around all the themed hotels. Im like a kid when it comes to flashy, over-the-top things and bright lights. This is perhaps why I insisted on "running away to vegas" for our wedding, and luckily my wonderful husband obliged. Now I know about all the crap that is also there, and I know other people come for an entirely different purpose, but I just kinda ignore all that.

Anyways. What went from a weekend of dentist and Vegas for a day, has quickly turned into a long weekend complete with road trip reunion for me and my bf Sheri, and our 2 munchkins, and a good friends wedding. Yea!! I cant wait!

09 March 2010


I'm back. I took a little hiatus from the blog, a cleansing if you will. I felt like I had run out of everything I could have ever wanted to say. Tired of just rhys updates, and lets face it, he is my everyday, so scenery rarely changed. With that said, I could not be more excited about the stage he is in. I spend my days watching him explore, learn, laugh and cry. Everyday is better than the last, but in some ways, still the same. Its hard to blog about that. But I have found my mojo (yes, my mojo) and a new sense of blogging! This does not mean that most of my posts will not be about Rhys, cause they probably will, but I will mix it up.

weekend recap

We had a great weekend! Justin's dad came out to visit us and our new place and we had a lot of fun.

We took him out to the coast to our favorite spot. You have to park and take a 1/4 mile hike meandering down next to a stream. You come out into this beautiful cove that is so protected from the wind. I love it!

Justin even got to get in the water and surf a bit!

my cool dude!!

we caught a beautiful sunset as we were leaving!

On saturday, we went to a very nice resturaunt and found our little boy had completely peed (or poured water) all down his pants. I didnt have a change of clothes, so we had to walk out and through downtown Portland like this:

aren't those thunder thighs to DIE for!!

fat lip and favorite toy

Rhys got his first fat lip the other day
and the only thing that he would finally go play with instead of wanting to sit on my lap was his fire engine. Saying he loves his fire engine is an understatement. He is obsessed!! First thing in the morning, he wants to play. Before he goes to bed, hes playing. And if anyone comes over and takes a liking to his toy, he has no problem taking them down...literally!!