31 July 2009

Road trip 2009- Beat the heat!!

I like to name all of my road trips, but this one came from the 107+ degree weather we had in portland over the last few days. Well, I didnt actually have any because I left for the beginning of our massive road trip just as it started. My mom, sister and step dad came up to Portland for some fun before they helped me drive down our truck FULL of crap, a baby and a dog down to Cali. Meanwhile, Justin took the BAR exam (finally!!) in this horrendous heat and bad air conditioning (Oregonians just arent prepared for such occasions). But whatever, because he is finally done! ...and if we seem particularly happy or grumpy around the 11th of September... you'll know the result of that particular test.

Anyways, he flew down last night for a few days in Oceanside and Rancho, a baby blessing, some surfing, and much needed relax time before heading up to Utah for some family, friends and backpacking. We are certainly going to get our fix of driving in the next few weeks, but it should be lots of fun!

Any one want to play??!?!!?

26 July 2009

Q: what do you do when there is baby poop oozing out of the infant on your lap during sacrement?

A: Ask the poor little deacon to please move the tray of bread as your run to the bathroom, before heading home to change your own clothes

Poor Justin.

22 July 2009

3 months

We celebrated Rhys's 3 months by going on the river with my family. Rhys could not keep his eyes open between the cozy life jacket and the lull of the boat engine, it was an effort to try and keep him awake. But when they were open, he loved it! As did Justin getting to wake board.

16 July 2009

an all american

So Justin's law firm that he will start working for in the Fall has a summer softball league against the other Portland firms. He has been able to go to a few of the games to mix it up between studying. And wouldnt you if they served delicious hot dogs and hamburgers bbq right there to order?

8 hours

8 straight hours of sleep never felt sooo good! Thank you my sleepy boy. And thank you my luscious bed for being soo good to me.

09 July 2009


I think the studying is getting to Justin... poor guy!

happy boy

he has become the biggest smiler and talker! Nothing is better than getting a big gummy smile!

08 July 2009


what to do when the hubby is busy studying... go to CA!! Rhys and I hopped on a plane and headed down to my hometown. Thank goodness my grandma was with us on the plane, because I was soo nervous he would be screaming the whole time. But he did great! He was awake and playing for the first hour and a half, and slept right through the landing. But it was a great trip filled with family, friends, food, a wedding, a castle, food, shopping, swimming, 3 major blowouts, sunshine and even more yummy food.
Remember this post and this post, well we have now turned into this:
just seeing what rhys' little sis might look like...cute?

We headed north to Santa Barbara, Solvang and San lois Obispo for a wedding, Hearst Castle and some Danish food. It was lots of fun!

Extreme blolwout
Then back home for some shopping and good food. Rhys was being so spoiled with hugs and kisses from his cousin Ashlyn. She just wanted to hold him and hug him all the time.
did I mention I have the cutest neice?? Nows a good time to! her sour face.

06 July 2009

4th of July

We got off the plane on Thursday and literally hopped in the car to head down to Independence for the 4th of July weekend. We had tons of fun playing tennis, running in the mini marathon (by mini I mean 2.6 mi), eating great BBQ, enjoying the 90+ degree weather, swimming, and just relaxing.
all the racers

at the start

justin and cody


my aunt kristy (aka chicken) kickin my butt!


our cheering section + grandpa

after the run

we were both pretty tuckered out

until we hoped in the pool with Rhysers, he was not so sure what to think

03 July 2009

chinese wisdom

70 yr. old granma: "A distant romance may begin to look more promising"

Kelly: "You will be taking a trip out of the country" and " You will live a long, prosperous life"

Dad: "You need to work on your workout routine"

Dont you just love fortune cookies! (yes, I ate 2... dont judge me)