25 January 2010

pura vida!

What a trip! I love when I get home and realize that I didn't take very many pictures because I was too busy relaxing and just enjoying every moment. That's exactly how this trip was. Most days were spent lounging around the pool in our beachfront villa, or walking down to the beach to watch daddy catch some amazing waves, or hanging out with rhys' grandpa's (2 of them were with us).
the house, its view and the pool

the beautiful beaches

craziest thing we did....

pura vida... pure life, pure blissI love when I get to spend so much time with my boys, I came back rejuvenated to tackle the real life... Thank you dad for an amazing trip!! There are more pics on our facebook page.

08 January 2010

Rhys Update

These have been the best 8 1/2 months!! Rhys is getting so big and fun, every day is better than the last. Its amazing how much they change daily, and there is no place I would rather be than here watching it happen. Heres what its like living with this kiddo.

  • Hes crawling... everywhere. He favorite place to go is where ever koda is, where ever her toys are, or over to the heater because its got a glowing red fo-fire that catches his eye.

  • His favorite toys are Koda's, and this wooden car his great granma gave him for christmas.

  • he has 3 teeth, the 2 middle bottom, and one on the top next to his front teeth (I clearly do not know what they are called) and hes working on 3 more.

  • His sleeping has been pretty horrible! Im really bummed because he was sleeping so well at about 4 months and it lasted until his teeth started coming in, and now, only getting up once a night is a HUGE blessing! ugh! But he will sleep a total of 12 hours, so I guess it could be worse.
  • He has figured out being funny and has the cutest laugh ever.

  • He can eat and oh how he loves to! He loves carrots, pears, apples, peaches, peas, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, bananas, cheerios, puffs, bread, blueberry, yogurt, potatoes, juice, water and anything else you put in front of him.

  • He is getting down to only 1 nap per day, and goes to bed everynight by 8 with out a fuss. (is this to early to be at 1 nap???)

  • He loves riding in the car, and where that used to put him right to sleep, he now loves to look at all the things passing by in the windows.
  • He discovered his own voice, and likes to let you know he is here!
  • He loves watching football with daddy, thats probably the only time he is quiet and still.

  • He is still the biggest snuggle bug ever. He loves to be held, hugged, kissed, and he will just snuggle up to you.
  • he has to touch and explore everything with his big old sausage fingers!

  • the best part of our day is in the morning when he wakes up and we just lay together for like 30 minutes having "pillow talk." There is no better way to start a day!!

05 January 2010


ok... lets try this again. maybe it was just a little to close to home for some.

We will be going here next week

04 January 2010

tv star??

Perhaps. Justins brother, Jared, appeared on the Ellen show today! In case you missed it, you can go to this link or here http://ellen.warnerbros.com/2010/01/ellens-huge-12days-vod-0104.php and view him on the show as ELf #4. She did a big give away to someone in Provo, and they called up a few people and asked him if he wanted to help bring in the stuff. He is the one that gets followed into the house holding a huge Vizio box! Check it out!!