30 December 2010

We're famous!

So our show aired tonight at 8pm on HGTV. I realize this should have been posted a few days ago... but I've been a bit busy. Justin and I laughed our way through the best half hour show ever. It was alot of fun to finally see the show, but basically we will never do that again! I'm sure once we get the copy from them it will be a weekly pick me up, it was really funny.

27 December 2010

The greatest gift of all

Well we had a surprising and eventful christmas evening. Our son, currently named Baby Boy, was born at 6:40am on the 26th. He is very early (33 weeks) but we are happy he is doing great! He is going to have to be in the hospital for a few weeks until he puts on some weight and grows a bit bigger, but he is doing really well considering. He came in about 8 hours total and screaming into the world. We are in LOVE!

25 December 2010

14 December 2010

Only 2 months left

Could it really be that I only have 2 months left before this new Baby B is here? Yea, that went really fast. It has been a great pregnancy, despite the nausea. But now I'm left with all these mixed emotions, to go right along with my mixed hormones. Part of me is absolutely thrilled. I can not wait to meet this little boy that is dancing around on my bladder and I think has recently taken up Tae kwon do. Part of me is terrified of the lack of sleep and pure PAIN that I know is awaiting me very shortly. It wasn't that long ago to "forget" what is going to happen. Another part is so excited for Rhys to have a little buddy. He really loves being around other kids. And the last little bit of me is so saddened that I wont be able to give all my attention to my sweet little boy. He has become my little buddy. I know him. And I know everything about him. I am so sad at the idea of possibly missing out on his little spirit growing because I'll be "distracted." I hope this isn't the case, and things will not change between us nearly as much as I am dreading. The whole idea of having two really hasn't quite sunk in yet.

So pretty much I am trying to spend all my time soaking up life with Rhys. Yes I am behind on laundry, and my house is under par when it comes to cleanliness. But why not? I only have so much energy and ability to bend that it doesn't matter. I will pick up and "nuggle" my boy any time he wants (which has been often. I'm sure my belly makes a nice cushy resting spot). For me, I need this time to be with just him. It is, after all, limited.

Is this normal? Any one have some great secret as to how I'm supposed to do this? But really, how do you even shower with 2 little munchkins??