24 June 2012

June week 3

We spent the week recouping from the crazy that was week 2.

Uncle Tommy caught a California King snake, which was a huge highlight.  Rhys, the kid that is scared of rollie pollies and butterflies, was no fear with this snake.  He could not wait to hold it, carry it, and let it just slither around his lap. it gave me the heeby jeebies, but I wasnt going to let him see that.  

I also was taking a photography course online and was able to snatch a few cute pics of my family. Good thing I have cute subjects to shoot.

 We played in my childhood backyard.
 Went on a date with the Wards.
 And celebrated James 30th birthday.

17 June 2012

June week 2

This was a crazy week.  We packed up our house and moved! Thanks to the help from my dad and Justins mom for coming out and helping, I could not have done it by myself.  We loaded two PODS, got rid of a ton of stuff, cleaned like crazy, bought two cars, and thanks to my friends for coming to help pack one night, we had one last pinterest party (thats where you make something off your pinterest list that you have been wanting to try).  I am so grateful and blessed to have all these wonderful people who were willing to help us.  I will never forget their generosity.  Oh, and all the while Justin is studying for the California BAR and we had to drive the 17 hours down to So Cal.  Luckily, we had a wedding for Justins buddy Dutch Turley in Redding, CA to help break up the drive.  The only pictures of this week I have are from lunch with my friend Mari and Redding, and unfortunately none of them include just how packed our cars (we pulled the jeep behind the suburban) were with our stuff.

Heres the new sweet rides.

This was the craziest lunch date ever.  2 spilled drinks, several screaming outbursts by both my boys, and the worst waiter ever.  It was only saved by the mud pie and wonderful company.

 "Logan, come give me a hug!"

Farewell Oregon. Of course it was the nicest day of the year as we drove away. 
 Our empty house... So sad.

The wedding was beautiful.  It was overlooking the river on a very pretty golf course. And the Bride and Groom were stunning. 

We did get to take a morning to go check out Sundial bridge and the local science museum.  It was easily 102 degrees that day, so we spent a lot of time inside or playing with water.

09 June 2012

June week 1

Oh June. You were something else. I cant think of a better way to document it than week by week.  So here it goes.

Week one:
We hung out around the house a lot being silly, trying to get it ready for sale.

We were trying to soak up as much friend time as possible since we are moving back to California in the middle of the month.  We had a swim date with our friends Georgia and Kristen.

We spent the day in Corvalis watching my cousin Katy play in the championship softball game in Oregon. 
 Then my wonderful friends and I did a 80'2 dancing night at the Crystal Ballroom in downtown Portland.  This was my going away party and it was, like, totally awesome.  I seriously have the best friends. We all got dressed up in our best 80's attire, which happened to be in already in our closets, went to dinner and then danced the night away.  We could not stop dancing.  Every new song that came on was "the best" and I think we said "ok, last one" about 7 times before we finally left in the middle of the song so we wouldnt do that again.  And I think that wasnt until about 11:30.  I felt like you could tell we dont get out enough because  there was some seriously crazy dancing going on.
Thank you Julie Nielsen, Lori Robinson, Kristen Gough, Arianne Smith, Tori Withers, Melynda Knowles, Jenna Vela, Melissa Hawes, Michelle Pippert, and Kellena Collier for coming out in celebrating! I miss you guys!