17 March 2012

[recap] Thanksgiving

I just found this post in my queue and still am not sure how it never got published. But here it is.

Thanksgiving 2011.

Justins family came out for Thanksgiving this year. Which means I had to actually cook my first turkey. Yikes. Thanks to the help of Justins mom and this being her 30+ time, it turned out great! The spread was deliscious. Turkey, gravy, Sweet potato cassarole, mashed potatoes, red cabbage, fruit salad, stuffing, fresh cranberry sauce, and rolls. Yummy. This is definitely my favorite meal of the year!
WE also took this chance to get some christmas card photos in, since this is was when we were all together.
Unfortunately, Justin's brothers were all studying for med school, the GMAT, and engineering something, so we didn't get out much. (I'm not even sure James ever left the house, poor kid). We did watch a lot of movies and go play our annual soccer game (no babies were born this time). It was a great week.

03 March 2012

Mom and Sister weekend

My mom and sister came out for the weekend for a long weeked. It was so nice to have them here. We had to take a day trip out to the coast, but since we dont all fit in one of our cars, we rented a van for the day. It was perfect. The boys loved getting out of the house.
our attempt at getting a family picture.

It was freezing cold, so while Justin was out surfing, we went to check out the helicopter rides. Rhys loved watching them take off, but loved even more when he got to go up in it with Nana and Courtney. He was slightly afraid at fisrt, and apparently did not say a single word the entire time. But he was all smiles after, and would proclaim it to everyone he met that day.