31 August 2011

[recap] Aida Reunion

Justin's family from Denmark were in Orange County when we got back from Florida, so we went and spent the day lounging in the sun and having a delicious BBQ. Rhys climbed trees with Jake, played ping pong with Tyson, wore his glasses, swam and had a great time. Beckham was in and out of consciousness, as always. Justin played games with his brothers, relaxed, and caught up with his cousins. And I busted out all my Danish.... Which isn't much, and has everything to do with food. It was a great relaxing day with family.
the sylvester clan
the cousins, including justin's only girls cousin ever.
The next morning we headed up to Solvang for the first annual Aida Reunion. We walked through town, went to the beach, picked fresh blueberries, and again, ate really well.

30 August 2011

Road Trip '11

Every year we road trip to somewhere. This year was awesome. My mom, sister, the little boys and I went to Canada. It was great. My mom (and I) are Canadian, and all of her side of the family still lives in southern Alberta. Growing up, I used to go up for a couple weeks every summer and rummage around with my cousins. We havent been back in 5 years and I was itching to get back. Unfortunately that wasnt enough to convince my mom to go. It took a lesson in YW and my little sister getting bossy to get my mom to agree. They flew up here and we took off.

We spent the night in Coeur d'Alene, Id. What a beautiful place. I could have spent a few days walking around and playing on the lake.
look at me sitting up all by my self

That is probably the prettiest drive we have done yet. I kept looking around the whole way thinking I want to live here (or at least have a cabin to live during the summer).
Crossing the Border, we were all a bit stir crazy at this point.

the Cardston Temple

27 August 2011

[recap] Cocoa Beach and Kennedy Space Center

On our last day, we headed out to the beach. It was nice to get into the warm water, especially for all the kids. But not as refreshing from the warm air. I had both kiddos so I didn't get any pictures, other than on my phone.

We then went to Kennedy Space Center. With the last shuttle launch scheduled the day after we left, we were hoping to get out to see it sitting on the launch pad, but we were 15 minutes late. We were bummed, but it was great to walk around all the old rockets. They also had a launch simulator that was awesome!

26 August 2011

[recap] Disneyworld

We spent the day at Disney's Animal Kingdom. What a cool place. We go to Disneyland all the time, so this was the only theme park we were really interested in. It is huge, and very cool. It is kinda a glorified zoo, but the best part is the safari ride. You get so close to the animals.

Justin and Rhys tried their hand at some dancing. It was pretty stinking cute. And Rhys was slightly terrified.

The tigers were definitely my favorite part.

A Challenge.

We interupt the (attempt of) summer recap to blog a challenge. I love a good challenge. Or even a crappy one. It doesnt matter. My friend put a challenge to do pinterest. Instead of just pinning the fabulous things, to actually spend a week doing them. Sounds great! I only had a few days notice, so I didnt get something done every day, but it was nice to put into fruition all the busy pins.

Stuffed Zucchini from Kayotic Kitchen.

We have had an overactive Zucchini plant and I have had to come up with more ways prepare them. Its been fun. and these were delicious! I'm even more excited that they were really easy.

Glazed Carrots on the BBQ from Patio Daddio BBQ.

Blackberry Cobbler from Martha.

[recap] 4th of July

We took a day off of the rat race and just stayed at the pool and swam. This way all the kids could get a much needed long nap (which they did all at the same time, in one room. It was amazing) so they would be happier to stay up a little longer for fireworks. That night we headed to a BBQ at my uncles house with the rest of my family that was still there. It was so good to see every one.

We even made a little trip down to see their local alligator, Morgan, who got stuck in a storm water ditch and is 18 ft now so he cant get out. You just call him and he swims over to you. It was very erie, but so cool.

06 August 2011

the wedding

We went to the wedding. It was alot of fun and so good to see all of our family again. Nicole looked gorgeous, the reception food was delicious, and watching the kiddos dance around was great.