26 August 2011

[recap] 4th of July

We took a day off of the rat race and just stayed at the pool and swam. This way all the kids could get a much needed long nap (which they did all at the same time, in one room. It was amazing) so they would be happier to stay up a little longer for fireworks. That night we headed to a BBQ at my uncles house with the rest of my family that was still there. It was so good to see every one.

We even made a little trip down to see their local alligator, Morgan, who got stuck in a storm water ditch and is 18 ft now so he cant get out. You just call him and he swims over to you. It was very erie, but so cool.


Megan and Greg said...

That alligator is CREEPY.

lyndsey said...

jack has that same surf california shirt!!! BFF.