30 May 2012


We were blessed in May with some decent weather. We made it outside a couple times to soak up the sun.  First we went to the beach with our new friends the Withers. 

Next we went to the fountains downtown for a picnic. 
 We got to enjoy our backyard.
 Met daddy for Lunch.
These boys love each other.

 Went Swimming with our friend Georgia.

19 May 2012

1/2 Marathon What?!

I did it!! I completed my first half marathon!! Three cheers for me.  There is a women only Queen of the High Road just around town in Wilsonville.  It literally ran right past my house where Justin and the kids joined me for the rest of the run.  It was mostly fun, but it hurt kind of a lot. At mile 9, we had to stop at a red light and my knee froze up.  From then on, it was slow moving, but I got through it in 2 hours 45 minutes.

Until the next...

14 May 2012

Play time!

Sheri and Miley came to play with us while Justin had a conference in Washington DC. We had so much fun playing in the fountains, shopping, and just hanging out.  I also got to Surprise Sheri when I picked her up that we were moving back to California the next month. It was great, I love surprises.

Gorgeous Downtown Portland.
We also went to have a picnic at the park one night to tire these kids out.

12 May 2012

Potty Training

Warning!! TMI!

This was a crazy weekend.  I had thought of the ultimate reward (the donut train), made a cute chart to get stamps on for his progress, and he would get a chocolate chip everytime he sat on the potty the first day. I started Friday with a huge success. Rhys was great about being excited to sit on the potty, went pee in the potty 4 times, and was happy.  Saturday was the worst. He was tired, cranky, and over the whole thing.  He went pee on the potty once and went through 5 separate outfits.  It was a hard day for everyone.  Sunday was a bit better, but instead of peeing like normal, he held it. ALL. Day. Long. by noon, he still hadnt gone to the potty. Great. That led to a very big mess come time for church. If he wore undies, it was worse, he thought it was a diaper.  So commando he went.   Monday, we went to church for Zumba, and he had an accident in front of a friend.  This really embarrassed him and he didnt have an accident for 4 weeks until we were busy and stressed moving. He was amazing. It was like a switch clicked and he got it. The pooping came later, but it has been amazing ever since.

SO, now that this is on the record, how about some cute pictures. 

11 May 2012


We had fun.

Justin had his first swim meet in years.  I was so proud of him.  He signed up for a few too many events but still did great!

My Birthday

For my Birthday we went Line dancing! The McIlmoils, Goughs, Lefrandts, and Worths all came out for dinner and dancing. Chris McIlmoil hasn't been dancing since his wedding day, so this was a big deal.  It was also a ton of fun.  I love my friends. 


That night we went to a coldplay concert.  It was amazing. One of the top 3 concerts I have ever been to. It was that good. Think dancing, singing and sweating for 2 hours straight. Sooo good!