28 May 2011


We had a wnderful overnite getaway to the Oregon coast a few weeks ago. It was nice to get away for the night. The boys did awesome all crammed into a cozy room and Becks did especially well sleeping in the bath tub. It was the perfect day until it got super cold and windy. But Rhys loved the sand and Becks laughed everytime the wind blew the tent in. So we bailed around noon. Naps on the way home for the boys. Perfect.

25 May 2011

duhna nana nana nana... bath time

sung like batmans theme song...
something about wet babies makes them so cute.

24 May 2011


Oh what a fun trip. I met up with my dad and brother in DC for my birthday weekend. I only took Beckham, who was an absolute angel. We hit the red eye out and got into DC at 8 am. This was great in theory, except Beckham was the only one who slept on the plane. And it meant that we spend a good portion of our day sleeping. But once we woke up, we went to the national mall for a long walk around all the monuments.

The next day we headed up to Baltimore for the day. The rush concert was there that night, and my wonderful friend Christi came up too. She took Beckham home with her that night while I went to the show. Thanks again Christi!! We spent the day walking around the downtown promenade checking out the ships, eating five guys, walking over to little italy to get canoli's (which are now where near as good as Boston's), walking back to eat at McCormicks grill, and then heading to the show. Another great day.

On Saturday, we went to Mt. Vernon for the day. We walked around the grounds and awed at the view of the Potomac. On Sunday, we went to the Museum of Natural History and spent way too much time in the rocks section. The Dowdells (the people we were staying with) made a wonderful Easter dinner!

That night we went on a walk around their park, and got to watch an awesome lightning storm. I wish we had more of those in oregon. I like the rain when the air is warm and we can sit outside and watch the sky light up. Gorgeous.

The next day I went with Christi, her kiddos, and my dad to Great Falls NP to walk around until my dad had to be at the airport.

We stopped by coldstone for my birthday lunch before heading back to Christi's house for a nap outside. It was the perfect trip until I missed my direct flight and had to be rerouted through Denver. That sucked! But it was wonderful. And really nice to be with just Beckham for a few days. I feel like I got to know him so much better (which sounds so weird), but we finally figured each other out.

23 May 2011

Rhys lingo

Ill let you decipher the talk and see if you can guess his favorite sayings these days.

1. "susic"
2. "ina dat un"
3. "boo-be-by!"
4. "ow-seeide"
5. "i yuhve you!"
6. "hunterhunter"
7. "cackers"
8. "petsoles"
9. "carry you"

and his favorite sayings that we can totally understand:
1. "its stuck!"
2. "oh hi, bruhder"
3. "ready, set, go" followed by running
4. "uh, bonks!"
5. "Koda besos"
6. "i need more"
8. "we're cookin"
9. "happy birthday!"
10. "buh bye, see ya!"
11. "mmm, delicious"

His talking is getting better and better everyday. Love him!

10 May 2011

some days

Some days I am so wrapped up in my boys, I dont want to do anything but play and be with them. Today is one of those days. We had big plans full of shopping and parks and even maybe the gym. Instead, we didnt get out of the shower until after noon. We played and sang and danced. We learned about how the laundry machine works and made train tracks in circles. We ate pancakes while watching Elmo for breakfast and split an "orange drink" and a pb&j sandwhich for lunch. I saw Rhys rubbing his eyes for nap time and I kept putting it off saying "Dont you want to play with this?" Now its nap time and I'm sitting in the quiet house alone. My little buddies are both happily sleeping and I just wish they weren't. I love hearing Rhys talk and sing to him self. I love his enthusasim for the small things. I love Beckhams blowing bubbles to get you to smile at him. I love how they love each other.

Most days I long for my silence. I long for the time when I can sit down and relax. But not today.

08 May 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I am so grateful to be the momma of these two babes. They make my life complete and I cant begin to describe how happy they make me.

And I am so grateful to my mom. She is an amazing woman. Her generosity, love, patience, kindness, sense of humor, humility and wisdom are an inspiration to me. She has taught me how to love my children unconditionally through her example. She has taught me to be independent and how to take care of the needs of my family. I still can't believe all she does for me. Her laugh is infectious and her happiness is constant. I love you mom! You are a best friend!
And thank you to Vickie, my mother-in-law, for raising Justin to be a wonderful man and father. He is wonderful and I thank you for it. And being a wonderful grandma to my boys.
dont mind my grampy. this is the most recent picture i could find.

06 May 2011

Ashmarlin Annual Sale

My friend started this company that makes the perfect shirt. Seriously! They are breathable, don't roll up, and have the perfect sleeve! They are really amazing! They are such great quality. So they are having their first sale next week and giving 20% off everything! Please check them out! ashmarlin.com

02 May 2011

rhys's birthday

I think we ended up celebrating rhys's birthday 3 times. it was more of a week celebration.

On his actual birthday, we went to OMSI with our friends the McIlmoils. He had fun playing in their discovery center. We finished it off with a trip to Pudding on the Rice. It was awesome! That night we made him a strawberry shortcake and he got to blow out his two candles. I left that night for Washington DC, and when I got back, we celebrated again.

He got a train track set from us, baseball and bat and sidewalk chalk from the McIlmoils, and his ride in airplane from grandpa Hide. It is really awesome. I cant wait for the weather to clear up and he can ride it outside.

he spends most his time now in his airplane and playing with his "happy birthday trains." He is too cute. Im still in shock that he is 2!!