23 May 2011

Rhys lingo

Ill let you decipher the talk and see if you can guess his favorite sayings these days.

1. "susic"
2. "ina dat un"
3. "boo-be-by!"
4. "ow-seeide"
5. "i yuhve you!"
6. "hunterhunter"
7. "cackers"
8. "petsoles"
9. "carry you"

and his favorite sayings that we can totally understand:
1. "its stuck!"
2. "oh hi, bruhder"
3. "ready, set, go" followed by running
4. "uh, bonks!"
5. "Koda besos"
6. "i need more"
8. "we're cookin"
9. "happy birthday!"
10. "buh bye, see ya!"
11. "mmm, delicious"

His talking is getting better and better everyday. Love him!


Amy said...

my guesses are...
1. music
2. I want that one
3. bye bye
4. out side
5. I love you
6. another another
7. crackers
8. pretzels
9. carry me

Amy said...

Actually I think 3. is baby bye.
I'm probably not close on any haha.
Your boys are so cute. I heard you may be coming up this summer and I'm really hoping you do!

Justin + kelly said...

So close! The only two you missed are 3, which is blueberry, and 6 is helicopter. Way to go!