31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

Rhys 18 mo.

He loves to say prayer. He folds his arms reverently, stands still till its done, and can usually be heard mumbling some "words" under his breath. Its very sweet.

His words include: doggy, koda (doda), banana (nana), apple (appo), juice, lunch (munch), breakfast (breckie), milk (moke), ready go (deady, do), alright, hi, ba bye, no koda, stay koda, more, please, there it is (dere is is), drink, snack (nack), duckie, Nemo (meemo), cheese, up, out, ball, truck, uh oh, that (dat), belly button (bee bo), Elmo (memo), choo choo, and pretty much just tries to mimic whatever we are saying. Plus all his animal noises: duck, dog, cow, sheep, snake, monkey, donkey, cat, lion, ect.
He loves to stick his tongue out.... and still drools.... a lot!

Still loves all fruit and hates most veggies, especially all the green ones. His favorite right now is apples and pomegranets, but maybe thats all I'm eating these days too.
He loves to climb into his stroller and waits there till we go for a walk. Or he will climb onto his monster tricycle and loves to get pushed around on that.
He still loves koda and shes finally letting him play with her a bit too. He will chase her and play tug all while giggling like crazy. He can pretty much be found playing in the dirt if left outside. He loves to get his hands dirty and I love it!
He loves to babble and then start laughing like hes just cracked this amazingly funny joke. Of course we laugh right along with him, with no idea what he just said. Its pretty cute.
His favorite song is itsy bitsy spider. He follows along with all the arm motions and claps at the end, then asks for "mo."
He wakes up happy as can be and plays in his crib for about 20 minutes till we go get him. Its nice to get a few minutes to wake up. But he still has to snuggle for at least 20 minutes after he wakes up.

He still loves trucks, cars, balls, and anything that spins
Counts: one, tooo, tee, fo, I, sis, eight.
And he can say, spell and recognize his name. You have to start him off with R but he will follow it up with H, Y, and S.

He is such a happy healthy babe. I am so in love with him right now and am loving this stage. He is so inquisitive and learns something new everyday. I love getting to play and teach and enjoy having him around. He rarely throws tantrums and will do almost anything you ask (close it, put that away, dont touch, stop, come here, put it back, leave it, ect.). I adore him and am so glad we have this time for just the three of us.

29 October 2010


Well, only 2 of our Dahlias gave us blossoms this year. We had 6 planted. But these two have been a joy.

28 October 2010

fall foilage

This past weekend I wanted to go see some good fall foliage, since the rain is starting and the wind has been blowing like crazy. I thought it would make sense to go up into the mountains. Turns out, the only trees in the mountains are ever greens, which means no fall foliage. Who knew. It didnt matter though. We headed up to Mt Hood, we have never been, to see what we could see. When we got to Timberline lodge we realized how unprepared we were. There was snow. Needless to say, we didnt stay long in the freezing temps and our thin jackets. On our way down the mountain we stopped at this trail and took a quick hike. Again, unprepared without Rhys's backpack. We hiked a while until rhys and I got tired and it started to rain.
Rhys picked out his first walking stick. It was pretty cute! It was so nice to get out while the weather is still decent.

27 October 2010


I love fall time for crafting. I especially love Halloween decorations. And now we have this house that has all this room and space to decorate. Its perfect! Heres what I've been up to.
And even one for Christmas. I've had these signs for over a year now and finally found the perfect paper to spice them up. I cant figure out why this wont flip to the right direction....sorry


Justin called at 3 yesterday and said he got more Blazers tickets, but these ones would be in a suite. Umm, yes please. It was sweet. We were the only ones there for a while and we pigging out on all the food they had.
a former Blazer, i cant remember his name.
Blaze the mascot
Rhys was loving watching the game, he kept pointing at the jumbo tron and screaming with excitement.
Then we got to go down to the tunnel that the players come in through and go to a "players kids room." I think rhys was just as excited to be with all the toys as he was to watch the game. One day he will understand just how cool the whole night was.

26 October 2010


Justin scored some sweet Blazers tickets from his mentor a couple weekends ago and we enjoyed a night out with our friends the Robersons. I love a good night out knowing my boy is happy and asleep in his bed at home.

18 October 2010

Calling all Angels

We all headed to an Angels game after Disneyland to round out the extremely long day. It was so much fun! We had dinner in the Diamond club and sat in the 3rd row!! The kids did great, rhys got a rally monkey and a new shirt (because the other one was filthy from dland), and a Angels tattoo.
Kristen and I left early to go put the kids down and they crashed about 5 minutes into the ride. I think rhys stayed asleep while I was changing him into jammies when we got home. What a great day! The next day we went to the beach. Again, another great day!

We spent the rest of the time playing and relaxing.

14 October 2010


We went to Disneyland with all the kids and papa and uncle Tommy while in CA. It was great! And they all loved it. It was so hot that day, in the 90's, but it felt so good. We hit up Pirates, Small world, Casey Jr., Autopia, and the Corn dog stand.Its a small worldAshlyn and Rhys waiting for Casey Jr. Miley and Sheri joined us for the afternoonRhys was so tired by the end of the day, he fell asleep on the Jungle cruise.

We got him his first set of Mickey ears, they are so cute!