30 April 2011

cowboy up

A couple weekends ago, we got to go with the McIlmoils to work their cows about an hour south of here. It was gorgeous! I would love to live on a farm one day with nothing but open land around me. We had a great time roaming around and playing outside. And it was actually a nice day. Justin got to try his hand at the cattle shoots and help with the immunizations. I think he loved it. On the way home he was trying to come up with a way we could buy a cow and have it live in the field behind our house. I knew he had a little country in him!

Hunter Bug and Alexis Lulu playing with the salamander

Rhys had a blast being outside all day long!

29 April 2011

tupil festival

This year we made it down to the Woodburn tulip festival. It turned out to be a gorgeous day. There is a great kid area to play, complete with pony rides and duckie races. Rhys was able to run free with his friends Sadie and Quinn.Rhys with his friends. Nearly impossible to get them to all look at the same time!
and the tulips were so pretty!! I love these flowers!

taken on April 12th

the stats

Rhys: 2 yr. appointment

height: 36 inches 88%
weight: 31 lbs 82%

He is still tall and heavy!

Beckham: 4 mo. appointment

height-26 inches 84%
weight- 14.6 lbs 37%

He is way up from his 6% last time. He doesnt look like a premie anymore, but still acts like one sometimes!

20 April 2011


Happy Birthday Rhys!!!!!

My baby is 2!!! I still cant believe we have had him around for 2 whole years. I love this boy more than I could have ever imagined. Being his mom is so easy, he is wonderful. He is the best big brother and little helper. I love that he is learning and growing so much every day. You can just watch him thinking and discovering new things all the time.

-He loves his brother. He is always worried about his "bruhder." He is always telling me if Beckham is sad or "syeeping". He loves to give him besos and say "hi bruhder." I didnt think it was possible, but seeing him as a great older brother only makes me love him more!

-he is so helpful. I can ask him to do this or that and he loves to help.

-his favorite food is probably carrots, oranges, oatmeal, orange drink, strawberries, blueberries, pasta, musaka, ice cream and cookies.

-he loves to sing "itsy bitsy spider', 'popcorn on the apricot tree', 'once there was a snowman', 'oh christmas tree', 'we are a happy family', and 'happy birthday'.

-he loves to count "1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. lets count again!"

-he loves to be outside. It is hard here, but every chance we get without rain we try to be outside doing something. He loves to go down the slide, and up stairs.

-he loves water. like, really loves water. if there is anything that has water in, on or around it, rhys will be right there with it.

-and best of all, he still snuggles all the time.

I love this kid!

18 April 2011

our last day

On our last day Nana and the kids made pizookies for everyone. The perfect ending to the perfect 10 days.

17 April 2011

Beckham's Blessing

We had his blessing at my mothers house on April 3rd. It was beautiful. I am so proud of Justin for the sweet blessing he gave and the strong group of men that surrounded Beckham. I am so greatful for the wonderful family and friends we were able to have there supporting our little boy and I cant believe how blessed my boys are to be so loved.

Thank you to all our families that came out to support our family.

the ashfords-rhys, justin, me, becks, papa wes, aunt courtney, nana, aunt kristen, j., uncle danny and ashlyn the aidas- gampa, uncle jawed, becks, me, justin, rhys, gamma, uncle jame and stephanie the woodburys- justin, me, becks, papa, rhys, ashlyn, uncle tommy, j., aunt kristen, and uncle danny

the wards- rhys, me, aunt sheri, miley, uncle ben, justin and becks

After the blessing, and in between conference sessions, we had a wonderful lunch and spent the day with our families. It could not have been a better day. And it was all thanks to this lady, Thanks mom!!
These two are the best buddies!

16 April 2011


Sheri, Miley, myself and my boys went down to check out Legoland. None of us had ever been but we heard it was better for little kids than Disneyland, so we had to go. And honestly, I think it was. There were so many things for Rhys and Miley to do. Thay both really loved playing in the splash pads. It was so cute seeing them play and get all soaked. We also went on one ride. It was great!!

15 April 2011

Happy 75th Grampy

We celebrated my grampy's 75th birthday. He lives in Canada, but comes down to Palm Springs every winter to escape the cold. This was the first time they met my kiddos, and I know rhys loved it! Doesnt he still look great for a cowboy! We love you Grampy.

We had a little party for him with deserts Rhys and Ashlyn were dying to eat.
shout out to my twinner bro and my cute sis

14 April 2011


After Disneyland and a much needed nap, we headed to the Angels game with my dad. It was awesome! We had dinner at the diamond club and then front row seats behind home plate. Did I mention it was awesome? Rhys and Justin even made it up on the jumbo tron during the seventh inning stretch. I wasnt quick enough to catch it on my camera, but it was so cute! It was a great night with papa.
hangin out with papa