04 August 2012

Becks- 19 months

What can I say, this kid is something else.  He is really funny and goofy.  He smiles so easy, but laughs so little. Its always sweet when we can get a chuckle out of him.
His favorite song is Paradise by Coldplay, Itsy bitsy spider, and Monkeys swinging in a tree.
This boy is an eater.  He easily eats more than Rhys.  He also loves to feed himself, usually with utensils.  His favorite food is beef and dessert, you can always get him to eat more of both.  He doesn't like watermelon, noodles, or anything green.
He is also a sleeper. It is not uncommon for him to sleep 13 hours at night and a 2 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon.  When he doesn't get enough sleep, he is grumpy.
He has a really deep voice for a little guy.  It sounds nothing like Rhys' angelic voice, it is definitely his own.
He is beginning to use words.  He still babbles things when he thinks hes talking but actual words include: train (tain), boat, truck (tuck), big truck, car, daddy, Rhys, nana, papa, koda (kida), doggy, woof, no, yea, yes, please (pees), thank you (ti too), and trys counting (uh, two, tee), what, boat, car, stuck, help (hep), and drink, apple (apo), ect. What you will notice is not on that list is momma.  He does not say momma. Ever. If asked within a long list of things he does say, he just doesn't do it. I won't lie, i hate it.
He is really good at sharing. He doesnt like things ripped from his hands but will give you anything if you ask. He is really good at sharing.
He has started running, but its not very fast. It mostly looks like crazy legs and flailing arms.  Its pretty cute.
He loves to jump into the pool when we go swimming, with or without his floatie on.
He loves to follow his brother around and do whatever he does.
He has a stubborn streak in him.  He is so much like me its crazy.
He still has his red hair and these eyes that change everyday. Sometimes they look like they are turning green or brown, but most of the time they still look steal gray.

01 August 2012


Oh, Love this boy.  He is the sweetest, happiest kid I have ever.  He is so sweet to everyone and has been a complete joy in our family.  He has been such a strong rock in our family through out this whole process.  When its really hard on Justin and me he is always there to put everything into perspective.  Heres a few of what hes up to lately.
His favorite songs are Paradise by Coldplay, The wise man built his house upon the rock, and The big 'ol daddy spider
His favorite color is green.
His favorite food is hamburgers, hot dogs and pasta.
He loves bike rides, climbing, hiking, swimming with his floaties, jumping, and running. 
He is the interpreter for his brothers babble.  "Beckham wants a drink."
Anytime I wear a skirt or dress he says "Oh momma, are you a princess? So cute." 
He is so smart.  He will remember everything you say and apply it at random times.  For instance, I mentioned that school buses take the kids to school. And when he is 5 he gets to go to school.  So now anytime a school bus passes, he says, "when I'm five, I get to ride the school bus all by myself. And when Beckham is five, he can go with me too. We can go to school together."  I really hope he gets to ride the bus.

He is still snuggles like crazy at every chance he can.  Every morning when he wakes up he crawls into bed and snuggles for at least 30 minutes.  Since Beckham wakes up usually and hour later, he will often just play with his trains until B wakes up.  
He still giggles at everything.  
He loves to go to the beach and loves to be in the sand, but hates to actually go anywhere near the ocean.  This isn't great for Daddy's surfing buddy, so hopefully he gets over this aversion.  
He is just like his daddy.  They say the same things, make the same faces, and are so alike its crazy.  
Every stage with this kid has been better than the last.  I love how we can have our own little conversations and he can keep up.  I love it. 
He is such a goofball! He is constantly making us laugh and making his brother laugh. It is the sweetest thing to see those two laughing together, and fortunately its becoming a more common thing.  
Basically, I love this kid.  He is perfect to me.