13 June 2010

Ahh.. summer time.

yes its true. After 21 straight days of rain in May, June has proved to be so much better. And by so much I mean at least we have had 4 days of sun. I know what your thinking, believe me I'm thinking it too. Why does anyone ever live here??? It is simply because the days we actually do get sun are so beautiful! Clear blue sky's, perfect temperate climate, green everywhere, and the sun staying out till well after 9pm. Nothing is better.

rhys and i enjoying one of these said days

So last weekend, my younger brother flew up to do a triathlon with me. It was so much fun to have him here and do this activity with him. We are already trying to find another one to do in california where the water wont be nearly as cold! It was so much fun!! I love doing these!

Then, miley and Sheri came to visit us for the week. We went to Bend for a day. Justin had a hearing , so we played around the hotel and took naps with our babies until he finished. As soon as he was done, we headed out to Smith Rock to check it out. It was awesome. Its a massive out cropping of rocks in the middle of the high desert with a river carving around the base. So cool! This is a rock climbers heaven! Ill post pictures after I get them from Sheri's camera. I didnt get any pictures of all of us, or even just the kids, but they were so cute. Once they woke up, they were inseparable! So cute.

Then this weekend could not have been better. 80 degrees and a hubby all to my self. Justin let me sleep in till 9 (thank you babe!!) and I woke up to him out running my errands, stopping to get us donuts and getting the oil changed in my car! He's the best. I cleaned the house while he was gone. As soon as we got back, we mulched the front yard and pruned/ripped out the bushes in back that we don't want. Then we went to the pool and hung out. Perfect! Later, our friends came over for dinner and we finished the evening off with a few episodes of 24.

Already breeding a polo player. He would hardly leave the ball alone!

Sunday was another beautiful day. We walked Rhys over to the play gym in our neighborhood, I got my lesson ready for my Valiant 9 class (they are too cute), and we finished the day off with more 24.

yes he is still in his jammies... but arent they cute!

Summer is good. Im so glad its here!!

06 June 2010

welcome to the family

My brother and his wife welcomed their new baby boy to the family.
Jackson Woodbury
8 lb. 3 oz.
20.5 in