29 October 2009

6 months

heres the stats:

Length- 28 1/2 in. 95%
Weight- 19 lbs. 85%

Lets just say if he was 1 more pound, he would be in a front facing carseat, too bad thats still 6 months away....but, mostly that just means hes HUGE!!

17 October 2009

i swear

Well, I dont. But justin did...

He got sworn in, as in he is a legit lawyer now!!

the coast

We had a family getaway to the coast (because everyone here knows its NOT the beach) this weekend, which was fabulous!! We headed to Oswald state park, that has a gorgeous little hike to this great cove, and a first-come first-serve camp ground. It was beautiful weather, good waves, and lots of family time... What more could a girl ask for??!

16 October 2009

some good old fashioned family time

Right after the Mattices left, my brother, his wife and little girl came up to visit. It was so much fun. We went to Mt. St. Helens, pudding on the rice, the Nike employee store, out to a delicious dinner, pudding on the rice several times, house hunting, my cousins football game, out on the river, swimming, and just had a really great time together. I miss all my family so far away, but it is so fun when they come visit... maybe next time they wont have to sleep in the baby's room!
VooDoo Doughnuts...sooo yummy!!!


12 October 2009


sorry, but I have to mend my "Mattida" post and add that my wonderful, beautiful, fabulous, sweet, giving, generous, amazing cook, did i mention beautiful Aunt took her entire saturday to watch Rhys so we could go to the game!! Im thinking she enlisted the help of her equally fabulous daughter to care for my little rascal, but either way...I owe you both a huge thank you!!!! I love you guys!!

05 October 2009

lost pics of summer

his new favorite toy!

Justin in an air-softing battle... aiming for a camouflaged look

big baby blues

hangin out in dads new office

sitting so good!

lovin his bumbo

check out those rolls!!!!

Mattida reunion

So our friends the Mattices came out a few weekends ago to visit us and go to a Oregon Football game. Ryan played for the team were we met them our first year in Eugene, but now they live in Utah. We have been the best of buds ever since and love when they come out to visit.

We took out our paddle board and a canoe onto Lake Oswego... so gorgeous!Went to the Ducks vs. Utah game... So fun!! As always it was much to short! We miss you guys!