27 December 2011

Beckhams birthday

Oh my baby is one. I am still in a mild state of shock over what happened last year, but the anxiety wears off a little every time he smiles. So this is how our day went. We woke up around 9 and started making his birthday breakfast. He joined u's around 9:45. This kid likes to sleep in, he gets that from me. We devoured these ableskiever, they were yummy.

We ate fast and justin and i went to a friends house to get our butts kicked in a crossfit workout. Ouch. We then went on a scavenger hunt to find a place that sold cupcakes (I didn't want to make a whole batch with us leaving in the morning.) T
FYI, no one is open on the 26th if Christmas falls on a Sunday. We ended up getting one from claim jumper, red velvet. It was good. After some naps and packing, we ate left over BBQ ribs from Christmas, which Beckham loved!

Then we dug into the birthday cake. We had high expectations of what Beckham would do to this, and we were blown away. He dug right in and was stuffing the whole thing in his mouth. I'm thinking he loved that too.

Followed by a bath. (I have pictures of this too, but they will not grace the pages of this blog)

This was followed by the biggest sugar high I have ever seen in any kid. He crawled laps around the house and was screaming like a banshee. you could literally see his little mind turning. This could be one of two things. 1. A good thing that he doesn't generally eat much sugar or 2. a horrible thing that we took pure joy in watching him get all hopped up on cake. Either way, I am so blessed to have him as my little boy and to get to spend everyday with his happy little face. He is so sweet and fun and I couldn't be more happy that he joined our family. I love you goose.

26 December 2011

Merry Christmas

From our family to yours.

19 December 2011

I got a email (ha!) from my sister today saying that I need to update my blog. The nerve! Just kidding. Apparently I have been a bit preoccupied with getting everything ready for Christmas. I am also in pure shock that my baby is turning one in a week. Could it really have been a whole year already? ANways, I am desperately trying to soak up these last moments of him as my baby. But I am really excited to have my own little Christmas and birthday party with my family. And we leave for California a couple days after Christmas, so January will be full of updates.

Merry Christmas!

14 December 2011

Tis the season...

For being sick. Everyone is feeling completely run down lately. The humidifier has gone from one room to another depending on who has the worst cough. It started in Beckhams room while we had pneumonia, then into Rhys's to help prevent his cold to turning into it. Now they both have the thickest green snot I have ever seen and Beckhams viral infection has spread into his eye, meaning big eye boogers. Not to mention they had become slightly nocturnal the last few weeks and were both getting up twice a night, at different times. I am tired. Let's just hope we kick this cold and the new sleep habits before we head to Cali.


07 December 2011

Lets meet Santa

Beckham met Santa for the first time. Didn't think much of it.
Rhys wouldn't get anywhere near him. And used me as a human shield when I got close with Beckham.

26 November 2011

Look who decided it's time to crawl. 11 months to the day.


20 November 2011

I love fall

So I guess Oregon has a few redeeming qualities. Its Fall is one of them. I have been in heaven with all the crisp air and lack of rain. And the crunchy bright leaves are a favorite, unfortunately mostly with my phone.

19 November 2011

Rhys- 2yo 7mo

What a fire cracker. This kid is so crazy and so fun. Everyday he says or does something new that has me cracking up. His vocabulary has gotten really amazing.

He weighs in at 34 also very heavy pounds.
He is so sweet. He loves to give hugs, beso's and "I love you mom" in this funny voice. Everyday when dad comes home he runs to the garage and opens the door and says "Hey dad, how go work?" Which is then followed by "bye mom, have fun in the big truck. Dont forget your purse."
He loves trains, planes and automobiles. His favorite movie is CARS, and a close second is CARS 2. He loves Mater, "Lightming", and "Bachesco" (Francesco). He also loves to watch Chuggington and Thomas. He could spend hours driving his trains around their tracks and he carries one of them where ever he goes. Unfortunately that means we have lost a few and that his supply has dwindled. Good thing Christmas is around the corner.

He loves to run and jump and chase and be chased, and since his orthodics, he has becomes so much better at keeping up.

His favorite day is wednesday when we go to Story time. He knows when we drive by the library and when we get to pull in he is so happy. He loves when we go to our friends house. He plays so well with other kids. He is just a happy kid.

He loves his brother. If Beckham is crying he says "Mom go check on Brother." And when he wakes up he usually beats me into his room to say "Hi brother. Hi cutie." He is also learning how to share. He usually needs to be reminded that if he wants the toy brother is playing with, then he needs to get him another one. But sometimes he gives him all his best toys just to be nice. Or he will bring an extra train for brother when I tell him to just bring 2. When I ask him to only bring two again, he informs me this is for brother.
He still loves cheese, pasta, apples, cookies, "shlocate" (chocolate), cereal, carrots, puffs (one of Beckhams foods. He informs me, "Rhysie loves Puffs too. Can I have some?") and "samwiches."He knowss most of his letters and can count to 16 consecutively. He is still grasping the concept of evey thing gets one number when you are counting how many, but sometimes he gets it right. He is also finally figuring out which color is what. He used to say everything was blue or green.

18 November 2011

Beckham-10 months

I have been the worst at keeping track of things for this ones baby book, so I need to put down a few things.

This kid. Boy. He has been something else from the get go. I could not be more wrapped around his fat little finger. He is so happy. Like really really happy. The only time he is fussy is if he is stuck, or is ready for bed.

He is 22.8 very heavy pounds.
He does not crawl. He didnt even roll until October, but he has gotten pretty efficient at getting to where he wants to go. I think he is a bit closer to walking than crawling.
He has 5 teeth (3 on top, 2 on bottom).
He loves to play with whatever his brother is playing with. If Rhys has his train set out, Beckham rolls right on over (and usually right on top of it) to destroy, I mean play with. Luckily Rhys is getting better at sharing.

He loves to watch his brother and laugh at whatever he is laughing at.

When ever he sees something he wants, he starts diving, climbing and reaching with everything he has to get it.

He babbles, squeales, yells, squacks, blows bubbles, grunts, and laughs in this deep little voice until you look at him. Then he flashes his big grin.

He still sucks his thumb, but only sometimes. Im hoping he kicks this habbit all together real soon.
A typical night is he goes to bed at 7:30, wakes up at 6am to eat and go right back to sleep till 9. I am totally ok with this set up. It helps that the sun doesn't come up till 7:30 so he can dose off again.

He still has red hair, these steel grey eyes, and some big 'ol cheeks.
Its hard to remember life without him. He gets more and more fun every day.

15 November 2011

[PC] Day 22

my big handed big little boy loves to hold mine while we snuggle. I melt with his sweet little gestures.

09 November 2011

Fall colors love

Oregon has a few redeeming qualities. It's fall is one of them. We joke that the leaves are soggy, which they are, but this year has been particularly dry and wonderful. Just a crispness in the air and lots of sunshine. This is something I could get used to.


06 November 2011

Recap- San Juan Islands and Wedding

Oh, to be done with recapping and on to whats actually happening...

At the beginning of October, I went up to the San Juan Islands (just north of Seattle) with my dad for a quick trip. Some times we plan out every detail from where we are are going to stay to the activities booked well in advance. This was not one of those times. In all my traveling I have learned a few things: Some places its nice to get there and find the area that you want to stay in before booking a hotel. Others, you need a reservation well in advance because there is a U2 concert in town that night and all the hotels in a 30 mile radius of Dublin are booked, leaving you stranded until 11:30pm driving around to end up in a small room above a very busy pub....Anyways.

So for this trip, I was thinking that since its the end of tourist season up there, we would have no trouble finding somewhere to stay when we got there. This probably would have been true if we had tried to find something before all the offices closed at 5. And that would have been done had we not been 5 minutes too late for the ferry, which left us waiting for an hour and a half waiting for the next one. I know what your thinking. Isn't that an hour and a half that you could have found something..... but no. Dont really have any exceses there. The good news in misisng that ferry is that our sunset ferry ride was gorgeous!!
Anacortes to Friday Harbor

And just like the lodging, I thought we could get there and book a boat tour to go see the orca's, since that was my main reason for going up there. Wrong. Because it is the end of the season, there was only 1 boat even going and by the time we called they only had 3 spots left. We needed 4. Curses. In my effort to find a boat, I did get ahold of a wonderful lady who gave me the insider scoop that the Orca's were headed back to the islands from a 3 day hiatus and she called me about an hour before they were supposed to be passing along the coast. So, after spending all morning waiting to see these whales, thinking I would have to come again next year if this was a failure, they came! Success!

After a day in the Islands, we headed down to Seattle for my second cousins wedding. Justin flew in that night. It was a beautiful small ceremony and reception at the Salish Lodge in Snoqualamie. And as always, it was great to see our family again.