27 May 2010

backyard roses

When we bought our house, we weren't thrilled about the 16 rose bushes in the backyard, mostly because they have some killer big thorns on them which isnt so condusive with kids. However, now that spring has brought out the blooms, i love them. They are gorgeous. Everyday rhys and I take a walk around a check out all the colors and look for new flowers. I guess we can keep a few of them around for now, at least until I get all my dahlia's.

26 May 2010

he's a walkin man

So rhys has taken and loved his first steps. Sure, he still is pretty zombie-esque when he is chasing after his dog, and starts falling alot when it gets close to nap or bed time. And naturally he thinks he can walk on anything (the bed, couch, down the stairs). Dont worry, we will keep the tight rope put away for a little while longer.
In other news. He can now open the doors, and flush the toilet (which he really likes to do together), grab things off the top of counters, climb onto everything he can, change the channel on the tv, and find new and exciting ways to ride his fire engine.

01 May 2010


If you are going to let your kid play naked after his bath,

and he starts to make this face,

he may just be leaving a wonderful present like this.