29 September 2009

dahlia farm

A few weeks ago, I met my Aunt and Auntie at the Dahlia farm in Canby. Its this little town like 20 minutes from my house with acres of all kinds of Dahlias. Needless to say, I LOVED IT!! Totally loved it. You walk through rows and rows of these flowers, each one different from the next, and all so pretty. They come in all colors, sizes and pedal varieties. You mark down the ones that you like and order them to be delivered in the spring time. I cant wait until I have a house that I can plant anything I want in because it will definitely have a ton of these flowers!

25 September 2009

the results are in.......


Justin passed the BAR! Yea!! Im so proud of him! He worked his little tail off for this and we just got the results back today. He is officially a lawyer now.... He jokes about now signing his name

Justin Aida, Esq

What a nerd, but a cute, smart, dedicated, wonderful, funny nerd.

21 September 2009

here we go. Take a deep breath...


After all the fun in CA, we headed up to Utah for some eating... I mean more family time squeezed in between eating. Seriously! Cafe Rio (3 days in a row, and 5 total), Granny's in Heber for some of the best shakes (fresh Raspberry chocolate chip is a must), j dawgs, and some of Justin's moms home cooking and fresh peach cobbler... YUMMM!! Not to leave out the massive burger and shake we got as soon as we walked out of the wilderness and all the great rain/thunder storms. Good times.

justins mom and brother lovin on Rhys

Rhys loves Koda... .and i love this pic cause they are the same size!

The kid next to Justin is "Elder" Jordan Lee. He served in the ward we livd in when we were in Adelaide. He is from New Zealand and now goes to BYU. He's an awesome kid!


As we began our drive from Utah back to Oregon, we stopped by Brigham City to see my other, other family. That would be the Rollins, family of best friend, of whom I spent just as much time with growing up as I did my own parents. We called just as we were getting to their exit and found out that they were home. It was planned to be a quick stop but ended up being a day on the lake in the Moomba (their boat), followed by steak and crab legs (still my favorite meal), and a wonderful nights sleep before continuing on our journey. Totally unplanned, and totally awesome!

Rhys snugglin with Fran

on the river

so we got back from our driving adventure just in time to go play on the river with some visiting family.

four generation pic

And just in time for justin to go out fishing on the ocean for his last time of the season with my uncle... They had quite a catch and we had quite the feast...32 fresh crab!!

15 September 2009

im sorry

sorry for being a blog slacker! sorry for not finishing our vacay postings. sorry for only taking the time to check all of your blogs (which are great, by the way). but I've been busy!

busy reading a great book for this months book club. (East of eden by John Steinbeck is fabulous).
busy getting outdoors while the weather is still so nice to enjoy and before the season of rain returns (pictures to come soon).
busy trying to finish the millions of crafts floating around in my head and endless ideas to persue (thank goodness for craft day).
busy house hunting (...ugh).
busy trying to stay sane through the daily chores (which often get skipped for more exciting endeavors).
busy trying to get back to the good ol' days (as in the pre-prego body).
busy visiting with those I love (always a day well spent).
But most of all busy playing and watching my favorite little dude because I am learning all to quicky that he is getting way to big way to fast!