22 June 2009

all about justin

So Justin is always telling me how he doesnt know anyone on our blog... which is totally untrue, but he doesnt really do last names, so I think it messes him up. But then I got to thinking that I always talk about me and the baby... so for fathers day, because he is the best one around, this one is all about him.

Justin Hideki Aida
  • Born January 30, 1980 in Kobe, Japan
  • Oldest of 4 wonderful boys
  • Grew up in Japan, Modesto, Pennsylvania, Cincinnati, and graduated from high school in the Philippines, but calls Huntington home
  • Went to BYU 2 years where he high jumped for the track team
  • Served in the Colorado Denver North mission
  • Came home and transferred to UC Irvine where he played volleyball and joined the swim team
  • Was an Ocean Life Guard and Junior guard instructor for Huntington City Beach during the summers
  • Met Kelly his first semester in 2003 in a history class and married her in March of 2005 in the LDS Las Vegas temple
  • Graduated with a Bachelors in History and Magnum cum Laude
  • Took a year off between undergrad and law school to work at a law firm in Newport beach and at Oakley in their legal department
  • Moved to Eugene, Oregon in the fall of 2006 to begin Law School at the University of Oregon
  • Interned every summer at a law firm in Portland, Oregon named Dunn Carney, which is also where he will work after he passes the BAR in July
  • Lived in Adelaide, Australia for 6 months during a semester abroad from law school
  • Took an externship working for Adidas, which gave him the final credits to graduate from Law School in May 2009
  • And his first son was born in April of 2009
  • He loves: to play sports (basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, soccer, footy, running. Basically, you name it, he'll try it), travel, surf, paddle board, master new things, watch TV, eat, and be in the sun
  • He plays the piano
  • He is typically in bed by 10pm and will gladly use the floor if we are out
  • He folds all the laundry in our house and makes all the delicious chocolate chip cookies
  • He is so happy if he's in the water or sunshine, but especially both!
  • Not the most handy around the house when it comes to fixing/building things.
  • His eventual goal is to be in-house counsel (meaning handle all legal and contractual work of just one company) for an American company, preferably a sport or entertainment type (ie. Nike, Adidas, quicksilver), and take several ex-pat packages to different parts of the world to raise his family much like he was
  • He would love to have a boat, live at a beach with surf and have several little munchkins running at his feet
  • He likes the finer things in life and to look good, but ONLY if it comes with a cheap price tag and loves to acquire "toys"
  • He is very particular about who cuts his gorgeous hair
  • He is half Japanese, half American and wont correct you if you think hes Hawaiian
  • He LOVES bbq sauce...well all sauces for that matter. His philosophy is "every things better dipped in something"
  • He is brilliant, literally. He retains information like a sponge. If hes read it once, its in there
  • My favorite qualities are his love for life and adventure, his ginormous heart, incredible loyalty, great compassion, and amazing ability to decide what he wants, and not stop until he gets it. He has great perspective on what is important in life.
  • And he is the best father ever. He adores rhys and tells him/me all the time how much he loves us. I really lucked out with this guy. He never ceases to amaze me. He never misses an opportunity to tell me he loves me or how lucky he is, but it is soo the other way around. I am the lucky one because he makes me want to be better and smarter and has taught me how to love so much deeper. I can not say thank you enough for how he has blessed my life, not to mention giving me my beautiful son, who is a constant reminder of his daddy and how special he is.

I love you babe and cant wait for the next 50 years of adventures filled with laughter and love. You are more than a best friend, you make me complete.

20 June 2009

bouquet for a crummy day

Justin is soo awesome! Not only does he go study all day long and work so hard so he can pass the BAR, but he often comes home to a tired, cranky wife, a crying baby, and a dog that is lucky if I remembered to let her out all day! And he does this with a smile. AND when Im the one that has been cranky to him, he shows up with a bouquet of these. Gotta love this man!

18 June 2009

i couldnt resist

Not that anything particularly happened today or these are at all that great, but I think they are too cute, ergo you should see them and think they are too cute also. "oops, did i spit on you?"

"haha, got you sucka"

so serious!

the perfect date

here is the recipe for the perfect date night. cheap, fun, yummy, and with the whole family!

first you go here:
and get 2 of these: plus one of these:

= a wonderful night for $3

16 June 2009

8 weeks and changing

I still cant believe how much he changes from week to week. He has gotten so much stronger and more alert even just from 2 weeks ago. He follows your voice when you talk to him, and has these big googley eyes that he uses to look at everything. Hes the biggest snuggler, and loves when I rub his head, it puts him right to sleep. He gets so excited and happy when Justin gets home. As soon as he hear's him, he perks up and starts looking around till he see's him. It is the cutest thing!
Its amazing to think that not too long ago, he I was feeling him kickin around inside. And now, after 8 weeks and routines getting settled, I forget that he's really mine.

14 June 2009


During: After:
This kid loves the outdoors!

already buddies

Rhys has a buddy named Graham that is about 3 weeks older than he is, so we get together for play dates often. The kids dont have much of an idea of whats going on, but its a lifesaver for us moms who can only have so many one way conversations.

10 June 2009


a sneak peek. more to come...can you hear it too..."heem way nama, heem way namavana"
Rhys at 7 weeks...shot by Christian Darby

08 June 2009

the new...again

Ok, so hear it is!! The last and final switch. So I know following our families blog has been like a treasure hunt, but know that you are close to the end. Not that the grand prize is a anything spectacular, mostly just my life in pictures because words are more complicated, but hopefully worth your time. I cant guarantee any profound messages or witty commentary, but I will try my best. What I can garauntee is lots of pictures of my cute family...inticing enough??

And I say close to the end because I have major commitment issues (dont worry, justin knows... he has them too). Every now and then we just need a little change.