30 November 2012


This is by far my favorite month in California.  All the kids go back to school, the weather is still amazing and it stays light well into the evening.  This makes for several beautiful after work beach trips.  And, well, lots of beach day trips too.  It really felt like we were in the movie endless summer.

We also took a quick trip to Solvang to see Mia as the Danish Maid.  So proud of her, she was great. We also happened to sneak into a parade and get in on some Hans Christen Anderson reading. 

 We went to check out the Indy cars at the Speedway.  There's something about my boys and their fast cars.

September Continued

There were a ton of park days, playing with friends, beaches, bonfires and pool trips. 

It all ended with an amazing Andy Grammer, Matt Kearney and Train in concert and a visit from our good friend Dutch.

16 November 2012


August was a crazy month.  Justin started working full Time at Gordon & Rees and we finally moved into a place of our own in San Clemente. 
 We went to a couple Angels games, and even made it on the Jumbo tron one night.

 We did a lot of swimming!
 Beckham picked up a few new words, one of which being "stuck"

 My brother found out they would be having twins!!
Our cute new house has some unique features.  One is the wood paneled wall, the massive garages and storage and the baptismal font for a master bathtub.

But this is the beach that we walk to from our front door, so its all worth it in the end.