30 November 2010

Evergreen Aviation

So in the middle of (nowhere) Oregon sits the Spruce Goose. For those who don't know, its the biggest plane ever made and flown. Granted its flight was for 30 seconds and was a total of 75 ft. off the water in the Long Beach Harbor, it was in the air non the less. So we went to go check it out this weekend. Rhys LOVED it!! He loves Trains, planes and automobiles, so this was a prefect day out.
WOW! this was what he said all day long, everytime he saw a new (or old) mane (how he said airplane

thats the tail of the Spruce Goose. Its huge.

This about sums up Rhys's excitement to ride the airplane ride. We couldn't stop laughing at how serious he was.

"seriously dad, what are you doing to me?"

23 November 2010

What do YOU do when its 29 degrees outside?

Stay home with the hubby and little man of course! Can you smell the hot chocolate brewing?

After last year, there was no way Justin was leaving our humble abode for more than a run with the dog. Oooh, I get chills thinking about venturing beyond our front door.

yea, I know we are kinda whimpy, and yet I dont mind at all.