26 April 2010

even more.

I am obsessed with these!! He is too cute!
Check them all out here.

21 April 2010

so greatful

I needed this today. I so greatful for good friends with their wonderful words and they way she can say what I've been needing to hear.

20 April 2010

one year later...

to my birthday boy!! I LOVE YOU!!

surprisingly, you weren't such a fan of the cake.......you don't get that from my side.

14 April 2010


how cute is this

more to come!!

06 April 2010

Im hunting rabbits...

Well, that what rhys thought when we went to my Aunts house for Easter... turns out he only found the eggs. He loved picking the eggs out of the trees and bushes, but wouldn't put it down until he found another one. Justin had to continue hiding the same ones over and over. It was cute! And he got a "basket" (aka. pile of goodies) with a sand toys for when he goes to watch daddy surf, and some yummy snacks.

*please excuse the jammies, we love to spend conference snuggled up and comfy

01 April 2010

My First Place

Over the last several months, while we were searching for a house, we have also been filming for the HGTV show My First Place. It made the whole process even more crazy and stressful than it already was, but in the end, we will get to be on TV and will get a copy of the episode to always remember the drama behind actually buying a house. It has been really fun at times, and not-so-fun at times, but we got to meet some great people and learn about their job in the BIZ. From Deadliest catch and How its made to Twilight and Obsessed. It was so fun to listen to their stories and get to know them for a bit.

the awesome crew: Jeff- camera guy, Christian- sound guy, and Liz- producer

getting some footage. *side note: we actually put an offer on the red house in the background.

We had quite a few LONG days of shooting, including Justins birthday which consisted of a 9 hour shoot, but it will all be worth it in the end. Not to mention we got a sweet chair for our front room, and some cash towards our fridge. cha-ching! It was definetly an experience. It has, however, forever changed the way we watch "reality TV."