31 July 2010

first haircut

Rhys had his first real hair cut. He looks so much better without the super long side burns. He went from this:
to this:

Thanks Brooke!

19 July 2010


Oregon has the best berries. I love summer time. We have been gorging on them... local and delicious. I never knew how strawberries and blueberries were supposed to taste until we moved here. Soo good.

17 July 2010


What would you guess we were doing?

15 July 2010


I've been crafty lately and quite proud of myself. Yes, I do go to a "craft day" once a week with some fabulous girls in Vancouver. And no, we don't always do crafts. But these have been done.
This is the quilt I made for Rhys. Yes, I started it shortly after he was born. And yes, I just barely finished after his first birthday. but isnt it pretty.

This is a calendar my girlfriends and I made that we change out the paper depending on the season. Multi-seasonal crafts are my favorite.

I made these dish towels for one of my crafting friends who was moving to NY for 2 years. I almost kept them.

12 July 2010

end of an era

Our good friends, the Maclennans, just moved to NY... we are bummed. Rhys and Graham are only a month apart and have been best buddies since they were born. They have been partners in crime.

this is Rhys and graham trying to sneak out of the house. Rhys is big enough to open the doors, and Graham has the keys to unlock it.

I am equally as bummed to not have Lindsey here. We crafted, shopped (sometimes too much), swam, went to the park, discussed bachelor/bachelorette drama, and hung out at least twice a week keeping each other sane... Im really gonna miss them!!!! Love you guys!

10 July 2010

July 4th

As always, this holiday was great. All my family came in to my Aunts compound for the week it was fun to have everyone around. They did the Independence mini marathon (2.6 miles) in the morning. Even my grandma walked the whole thing.

all the runners/walkers

You go granma! We are so proud! rhys entertaining himself with the bark mulch.

Afterwards we went back to my aunts house, aka. my oasis, to swim and bbq. It was great. Good food, good company and not too hot. OK, it could have been a bit warmer, but Im not going to complain.

swimming with grampa. He would live in the water if he could.

I love his poncho towel.

We put baby to bed and watched home fireworks before the big show started. I love sitting on my aunts lower field, over looking the river, and watching the fireworks reflect back. Its gorgeous. I love that rhys was able to just sleep in the house while we went to watch the fireworks down the driveway. Perfect.

Hi. remember me?

Im alive. I promise something soon. Cant promise it will be good. I've been a little wrapped around the finger of my boy lately, and I just dont care. Sorry. He's too cute and getting way too big way too fast.