27 September 2011


My friend and I took our kids to the temple. It was much better than I thought it was going to go. We had a gorgeous day to walk around the grounds, sing "I love to see the temple" and sit in the atrium for the longest 2 minutes ever. The boys did an amazing job, but trying to keep a three, two and 9mo old quiet is tricky. So we continued back outside.

25 September 2011

[PC] Day 13

Yourself with 13 things
This is kinda embarrassing.... These are 13 unfinished craft projects. We joked about taking this picture when my friends and I were talking about doing the challenge, we call it craft day after all. So here it is. They are all missing one part or another, and I just dont have that much time in my day because, well, I like to go to bed early, play with my kids more than I should, and take a break to catch up on my trash tv programs (so at our next craft day we can chat about who got kicked off survivor, who should have gotten kicked off the sing-off, or what in the world are Kacey and Vienna talking about on Bachelor pad). Not to mention the occasional nap when my insomnia kicks in once a month.
1. Wreath form for Halloween 2. Beckhams blanket fabric 3. Canvas for something 4. Picnic caddy (I finished the 3 others that we currently need)5. Rhys's baby book... yea, I need to get that done. 6. ugly halloween wreath I need to fix and use the form from #1 7. Yarn for another wreath Im thinking about for christmas 8. Boxes for my shelves that need to get lined 9. The ribbon to make Beckhams hooded towel to match Rhys's (I finished this today! check) 10. Pillow for Guest room 11. Pillow for Rhys's bed 12. Coverent Diaper box for downstairs bathroom. I think it needs a bird on it in the corner. 13. Frame to make into christmas card holder or necklace holder. I havent decided.

21 September 2011

[PC] Day 12


This was not taken today, but it is the last picture of a sunset I took. It was from my backyard, and I couldnt believe the colors.

20 September 2011

Road Trip [cont.3]

We went to Waterton for the day, which is in Glacier National Park on the Canada side. It's only about an hour away from my families house and was a beautiful sunny day. We roasted hotdogs, threw rocks in the lake, went to a splash pad and playground for the kids, and had a great time with the family.
The whole family was in on the rock throwing.Rhys and Talan. They are buddies. Rhys would do everything Talan did. Mom and Aunt Jan

[PC] Day 11

Something BlueMy Boys room!! Its finally done! I have always wanted my boys to share a room, and I'm so excited they do now! Its nothing fancy, but I love it. I got the comforters from target. They are both Queen sized blankets, but I cut one to make it fit in the crib and used it for over the window. My mom and I finished Rhys's bed last time she was here; it used to be Justins when he was little. We cut some stuff out/off, added beadboard and painted it. I love how it turned out. This has been a 18 month project to get it just the way I wanted, and cheaply, and it couldn't make me happier.

19 September 2011

Road Trip '11 [cont.2]

We spent some time out at my granpas ranch. Thats his house above the field. Gorgeous! I love it out there. I have so many memories of this place, it was great to get back. I would love to live in a place like this.

Luckily it was Beckhams nap time, so while he slept we went quading around the pastures. Rhys loved it! He was scarred at first when we would go right next to the cows, but he did great and was soon saying hi and bye to every one of them.

My awesome mom and sister. I love that going back to Canada lets my mom let loose. She just walks out, jumps on the quad and goes. She was leaving my sis and I in the dust. You can tell she grew up working on the farm. Shes fearless. Rhys got a ride from grampy. He loved it! "Tractor! Another tractor! 2 tractors! Look at all the tractors! Lots and lots of tractors" Did I mention he was in heaven?

[PC] Day 10

Childhood MemorySince this ttok so long, I'll do a couple. This is me riding my brothers ATV thing. This thing was awesome! We used it up until we were 10 or so. I tried to find a picture of when my brother and I did a triathlon in the back yard. He is 2 years older than me, so it little different than a regular race. I used water wings for the swim, he had to swim the pool length twice. I rode the ATV while he biked. And Im pretty sure he still won. That is one of my earliest memories.

note: check out my sweet outfit. Sweet hand-me-downs from my brother, all the way down to my checked VANS. Oh yea!
Despite my inability to dance well now, my mom tried hard to give me a good foundation in ballet and jazz. I had recitals (with my moms awesome handywork in making the outfit) and would pose all on my own. I really liked that part.

14 September 2011

[PC] Day 9

Someone you love
Predictable, I know. But they rule my world.

13 September 2011

Road trip '11 [cont.]

We went to Magrath Days. This means the little town in which I was born throws a big bash that lasts all weekend. There is a parade, family softball tournament, petting zoo, bounce house, live music, a dance, fireworks and they used to have a huge bonfire until some idiots blew it up last year. Stupid kids. This is all in a town of maybe 3,000 people. I can count the number of stops signs on my fingers. Its small. And I love it. We did everything.
This is a huge feet for Rhys to overcome. He is kinda terrified of animals that get too close. Even dogs. My family runs a big cattle ranch that we would go to growing up (and by we, I mean my brother.) Rhys loves tractors and got to ride with my cousin Dougie. He was thrilled, once he got past being terrified of that too.

[PC] Day 8

A Bad Habit
So my dad asked what I was going to do for this picture on the morning of when it should have been posted. I told him I didnt have any. He lovingly offered to give suggestions. Thanks dad.

Turns out its hard to photograph procrastination. This will have to do. This is a little corner in my kitchen that I hate. I hate that it always looks so messy, no matter how many times I clean it. I hate that I cant help but fill that little tray with so much stuff it over flows. I hate that the pile is only organized to me, like when my husband asks wheres this paper and I tell him in the pile he gets this dreadful look on his face like I just sent him into lions den. Oh well.

12 September 2011

Camping at the Coast

This weekend was amazing. We all had so much fun, even Koda thought she was in heaven. We went camping with our friends the Wilkinsons and had a blast. And considering we didnt have spots reserved, we found an amazing place that we will definitely go to again.

We were going to go to this great lake in the mountains that is first come first serve (hence the lack of reservations), but due to a wild fire 15 miles from there, the campground was closed. With a day to re-plan, but a horrible reservation site, we decided to just go anyways and hope for the best. We woke up early on friday morning to head out towards Tillamook. We found this awesome county camp site called Barview Jetty just north of Girabali. It was great and we got some big awesome spots.

He was so tired by the end of the day.
We set up camp and poked around the campground. We found a cool sand dune that we had to climb. And I got this tent for my birthday to help make Camping a bit more comfortable. We called it Hotel de' Aida. Its a sweet 10 man tent that Justin can stand up in. Yes, I know we are only a little bunch of 4. And no, I am not going to have 8 kids to stuff this thing full. Its just roomy and comfortable and I love it.

We went to the beach on Saturday and it was perfect. It was 75 degrees, sunny, beautiful and no wind. It was perfect. The Oregon coast is beautiful. Beckham was loving the attention from their girls. Tin foil dinners and bon fires. Its what camping is all about right. That and Rhys lounging in their hammock. He loves to chill. And Koda took it upon herself to make herself comfy around the campfire after the kids went to bed.