19 September 2011

Road Trip '11 [cont.2]

We spent some time out at my granpas ranch. Thats his house above the field. Gorgeous! I love it out there. I have so many memories of this place, it was great to get back. I would love to live in a place like this.

Luckily it was Beckhams nap time, so while he slept we went quading around the pastures. Rhys loved it! He was scarred at first when we would go right next to the cows, but he did great and was soon saying hi and bye to every one of them.

My awesome mom and sister. I love that going back to Canada lets my mom let loose. She just walks out, jumps on the quad and goes. She was leaving my sis and I in the dust. You can tell she grew up working on the farm. Shes fearless. Rhys got a ride from grampy. He loved it! "Tractor! Another tractor! 2 tractors! Look at all the tractors! Lots and lots of tractors" Did I mention he was in heaven?