13 September 2011

Road trip '11 [cont.]

We went to Magrath Days. This means the little town in which I was born throws a big bash that lasts all weekend. There is a parade, family softball tournament, petting zoo, bounce house, live music, a dance, fireworks and they used to have a huge bonfire until some idiots blew it up last year. Stupid kids. This is all in a town of maybe 3,000 people. I can count the number of stops signs on my fingers. Its small. And I love it. We did everything.
This is a huge feet for Rhys to overcome. He is kinda terrified of animals that get too close. Even dogs. My family runs a big cattle ranch that we would go to growing up (and by we, I mean my brother.) Rhys loves tractors and got to ride with my cousin Dougie. He was thrilled, once he got past being terrified of that too.

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