28 August 2009

rhys at 4 months

My little man has gotten soo big, but so much more fun! He is interacting so much now. We had a little photo shoot for his birthday to capture his cuteness. He is laughing, smiling, talking, babbling and flirting all the time. He also celebrated by playing on the river napping outside (his favorite) and then sleeping 11 straight hours. He is drooling A TON (which lends me to think hes teething). His favorite activities are swimming, dancing, jumping, bath time, reading, giggling, talking and he's rolled over once, but has yet to be repeated.
To my Little man, you rock!!

27 August 2009

back packing

We headed into the Uintahs for a supposed to be 4 day backpack trip, but we ended up coming out a day early because my brothers daughter was having some trouble sleeping at night, which led to everyone having trouble sleeping at night. and we got pretty exhausted. But it was fun to get out into the wild and Rhys LOVED being outside all the time, sleeping in the tent and looking at all the trees. It got really cold at night (as in we woke up to Koda's water dish frozen), but he did soo good!

the crew- dad, tommy, kristen, danny, ashlyn, me, rhys, justin. Behind us is the ridge we hiked along

biking and bouldering

check out those digs.... I know you what some padded spandex!!

25 August 2009

road trip unwind

which is what i am trying to do...

It was great...and long... but fun... anyways. here it goes!

surfing san clemente

so we finally got my brother out on a board after how many years....


We stayed at a condo in Oceanside that had an awesome pool. We played in it daily.

navy seals

So justin did this navy seals training thing with my brother. i was there for only a few minutes at the very end to take a few pictures and just that was brutal. So i can only inamgine what the rest of his day consisted of. But he felt like such a stud and I think he got his fill, and crossed JAG off his list of future employers.

and did i mention that log is 150 lbs?!?!

this is called "get wet and sandy"

but very happy he did it!

baby blessing

We blessed Rhys on the 7th of August in California. It was a beautiful family event at my mothers house. Justin gave him a beautiful blessing and I am so greatful he has such a wonderful example as a dad. It was only immediate family and one of my favorite people who was able to be the presiding bishop. Perfect and I couldnt have asked for a better evening.

my family- mom, wes, justin, rhys, me, danny and courtney

more of my family- dad, justin, rhys, me, tommy and danny

justins family- jared, vickie, justin, rhys, me, james

the johnsons

21 August 2009

4 month stats

length: 27 1/2 in. - >95%
weight: 16 lb. 9 oz. - 85%

This kid is huge!! So much for starting in the 20% group...

20 August 2009

home at last

5 states
23 days
40+ hours driving &
4000+ miles later

we are finally home from our excursion (cause this was way more than a vacation and not nearly as relaxing) but totally fun. pictures to come soon

15 August 2009

sneak peek

we are still on our trip, but heading home this week. Heres a preview.