31 January 2012

Beach house- Recap

For our last weekend in cali, my dad rented a beach house in Newport for a few days. It was awesome to wake up and walk right out onto the beach. We played, ate yummy food, bike rides, celebrated dad's birthday at The Melting Pot, played some more, watched several gorgeous sunsets, and built numerous amounts of sand castles.
"Look at me, mom. Im crawling too." I guess its mutual wanting to be like brother.
We spent a lot of time outside. Everyone loved papa's bike rides. The wedge, Corona Del Mar. I could live there...
Gorgeous sunsets.

I love my little family.
Cali did not disappoint. The drive home was not nearly as fun. Or eventful for that matter. The boys and I were over driving by about hour 10. And as soon as we crossed into Oregon, the clouds rolled in and the mist started. Welcome home.

Beck's First Haircut

Beckham got his first real hair salon haircut. I had, um, well, tried by myself thinking I could save a few bucks... but instead, it was way worse. Poor kid. His bangs closely resembled a jack-o-lanterns mouth. Luckily they have professionals to clean up that mess. Somethings just remind me that my little baby isn't so little any more. This is one of them.
He did great. Rhys's first haircut at a salon was traumatic. We both left in tears. Beckham is so easy going that he really was more interested in what was going on with the airplane he was sitting in that what was happening to his head.
He also got to enjoy his first sucker. That was a real treat.
Mean while, Rhys dusted two in the same 15 minutes. A very focused eater. This also made him less concerned with what was going on with his head.

And now I think he looks darling.

30 January 2012

Look who's 32....

Happy Birthday Babe. We love you so much and are so grateful that you love us too. You rock our world.

Wifey, Rhys and Becks

this was the balloon Rhys picked out just for you.

19 January 2012

Beck's 1yr.

This boy could not be more endearing. He is the happiest kid. Goes to bed easy, sleeps like you wouldnt believe, and only cries when hes tierd or, unfortunately, his bog brother is beeting up on him. The good news is that Rhys is finally starting to think hes pretty cool too and fun to play WITH not just near.

He is a super quick crawler, masters the stairs, walks along everything, can stand for a few seconds on his own before he gets too excited and usually face plants.
He is impossible to fill. He will sit and eat as long as we let him. He is done with baby food and eats everything. Loves to feed himself finger foods and I think its the cutest thing.

He says dada and plenty of babble in his own language, but thinks hes talking to us.

He thinks his brother is the coolest kid around. He watches his every move with envy and will always laugh at anything he does.

Weight- 24 lb 15 oz

height- 32 inches

18 January 2012

Cali Continued

We spent the next week doing an array of fun activities and really relaxing. We we to Huntington Beach to hang out with Justins brother, James.

The shooting range with my brothers.

Got pedicures with the girls.

Went to the movies and shopping.

And had a lot of cousin time.


Can can you not love life waking up to this??
Moving on. So the next day we headed up to a cabin with my mom in Arrowhead. Its so nice to just get away and be together as a family. We had a blast! We stayed up late playing games, laughing, poking fun at each other and eating. I really love my family.
Ashlyn and Rhys play so well together, except when they don't. HA!

We got up and went to play in the snow. There really is not alot up there, so we had to drive 45 minutes further up the mountain to a hill that is shaded most of the day to find enough snow to take a sled ride on. This picture makes me think of march of the penguins...

Rhys loved to "squuuiiiiisssshhhh" the snow balls. The sledding was kind of a bust. We didn't actually have sleds. And the amount of snow was minimal. And, well, my kids did not love it. Ashlyns monkey feet.

Court, Mom and Wes. After our snowman, we walked across the street to this diner for lunch. It was really good! Or we were all really hungry from our snow day.