31 January 2012

Beck's First Haircut

Beckham got his first real hair salon haircut. I had, um, well, tried by myself thinking I could save a few bucks... but instead, it was way worse. Poor kid. His bangs closely resembled a jack-o-lanterns mouth. Luckily they have professionals to clean up that mess. Somethings just remind me that my little baby isn't so little any more. This is one of them.
He did great. Rhys's first haircut at a salon was traumatic. We both left in tears. Beckham is so easy going that he really was more interested in what was going on with the airplane he was sitting in that what was happening to his head.
He also got to enjoy his first sucker. That was a real treat.
Mean while, Rhys dusted two in the same 15 minutes. A very focused eater. This also made him less concerned with what was going on with his head.

And now I think he looks darling.