09 June 2012

June week 1

Oh June. You were something else. I cant think of a better way to document it than week by week.  So here it goes.

Week one:
We hung out around the house a lot being silly, trying to get it ready for sale.

We were trying to soak up as much friend time as possible since we are moving back to California in the middle of the month.  We had a swim date with our friends Georgia and Kristen.

We spent the day in Corvalis watching my cousin Katy play in the championship softball game in Oregon. 
 Then my wonderful friends and I did a 80'2 dancing night at the Crystal Ballroom in downtown Portland.  This was my going away party and it was, like, totally awesome.  I seriously have the best friends. We all got dressed up in our best 80's attire, which happened to be in already in our closets, went to dinner and then danced the night away.  We could not stop dancing.  Every new song that came on was "the best" and I think we said "ok, last one" about 7 times before we finally left in the middle of the song so we wouldnt do that again.  And I think that wasnt until about 11:30.  I felt like you could tell we dont get out enough because  there was some seriously crazy dancing going on.
Thank you Julie Nielsen, Lori Robinson, Kristen Gough, Arianne Smith, Tori Withers, Melynda Knowles, Jenna Vela, Melissa Hawes, Michelle Pippert, and Kellena Collier for coming out in celebrating! I miss you guys!

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