07 September 2010

Boating in Brigham

On the way home, we stopped to see my BF's parents who live in BC and happen to have a boat they love taking out to Wilard. We lucked out with getting to see them and go on the boat for an afternoon. We love the Rollins!

Rhys tried his first wake surf. I liked it except when the water would splash him in the face. And it looked like Justin was choking him with his life jacket, which probably made it even harder to enjoy. But he was smiling after, that was a good sign.

We finished off our trip with driving back to Portland, with an overnight in Boise. It was great, Rhys slept the entire time driving except the last hour and a half! I was amazed and soo greatful!


DCRomney 2010 said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of Rhys on the wake surf!!! AWESOME! No question your kids are gonna be uber athletic!!!

Danny and Kristen Woodbury said...

How in the world did Justin get up on the board while holding Rhys! Man, he has mad skills! Impressive!