21 January 2011

Quotes from Rhys

As he has his face plastered to mine and laughing hysterically I asked "What are you doing?!" His reply, "A beso!"(spanish for kiss). He is the sweetest little boy!


Heather Heaton said...

First of all that is so sweet! Secondly I haven't had internet in a while and just caught up on what went on with your beautiful family! I am so glad that little Beckham is all right! What a doll too! I am sorry you had to go through that! So scary! Congrats though and i hope you are all enjoying your newest bundle of joy! take care!

tom + lisa said...

He's such a charmer! I bet he'll be using that line for years.

On another note, I'm totally sitting here listening through your playlist, making notes of what songs I need now. love that taste of yours!