16 June 2011

Rhys 2yr. 2 mo.

Rhys is a chatter box! He is the narrator to absolutely everything. He repeats everything we say, which means we have to be so much more careful! Some words just sound so bad coming out of his mouth. He loves to play outside in the "buckyard", imitating daddy as he mows with his fire truck. He loves the smell the roses and say "um, smells good." He loves having a garden, playing in the dirt and watering the plants. He is terrified of cats and dogs other than Koda. We just moved him out of the crib into his big boy bed, so naps and bedtime (and morning) have become a struggle. He loves to sneak into the bonus room and find his toys, or empty the wipes container. Both are equally as fun. He loves his friends and always asks to go their house to play. He is still not so chatty with strangers, and usually waits until they are out of ear shot and/or he whispers to them, usually things like thank you and bye. He loves to get up and have breakfast with dad, then wave to him as he goes to work. He loves to point out every bus, tractor, airplane, motorcycle, school bus, boat and train that goes by. And then we have to find "an other" one. He loves to sing "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam", "ring around the rosey," and "the wheels on the bus." He is so fun and so bold and says some of the best things. He has me laughing every day!

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DCRomney 2010 said...

LOVE BOTH of those boys!!! So adorable!